Wednesday, June 3, 2009

20 week survey

How far along? 20 1/2 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: around 4lbs
Maternity clothes? Yup - though I try to still fit in my regular clothes
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: I like to sleep on my right side. I had read that pregnant women should sleep only on their left side. This is crap. I sleep better (having stolen Shay's side of the bed) on my right side.
Best moment this week: Finding out the sex of the baby
Movement: I got kicked today at work.
Food cravings: pickles, Sprite, ice cream, and the other day Taco Bell.
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out? In
What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach. Oh, the good ole days!
What I am looking forward to: Calyn's shower and the IA Girls dinner.
Weekly Wisdom: Taco Bell sucks when you eat ALOT of it. Shay bet me I couldn't eat everything that I ordered.... It was alot.... I wanted to prove him wrong - and I did. Now I am paying for it!
Milestones: feeling the first real kick today.

I have a penis growing in me!

Thats right ladies and gents... I have a little ladies man in me!

The ultrasound went well. We saw 10 fingers, 10 toes, the spine, the heart, the ribcage, and an awesome bicep. When we went in to meet with my doctor, we were met with some "interesting" news. I am being referred to a high risk specialist and have an appointment scheduled for June 10th.

They found a "band" that is connecting my placenta from top to bottom which could potentially get in the way of the babies growth. As of right now the baby is perfect. Measuring right on target. The high risk specialist is a precaution. Shay believes that its nothing and that it is probably just scar tissue that worked its way in my uterus when I had the cyst burst on my ovary years ago.

We haven't settled on a definite name as of yet, and probably won't til the baby is born and we see his face. Lets just be happy that we know the sex (HA! I WON), and start buying lots of little boy stuff!

Above are some pictures from the ultrasound. Shay said that we couldn't post the "money shot" - It could be considered Kiddie Porn.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Yup, still undecided about finding out the sex of the baby TOMORROW! I want to know and have expressed valid reasons/points. Shay does not want to know and has expressed valid reasons/points. We are at a standstill people!

Ultrasound is 9:30am tomorrow May 28th. Don't call us, we will call you if something interesting happens.

Hopefully we go in as a united front with a decision!

The one that wants to know.... really really bad.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Un Baby related

I would just like to say that I love the show Jon & Kate Plus 8.

I think that those kids are beautiful and are extremely lucky to have so many wonderful things within their grasp. I know that the lots of people cannot stand Kate. I think she is awesome. Granted, the way that she talks to Jon some of the time is a little bad, but what wife doesn't talk to her husband that way at times? - (side note: Shay and I got into a playful slap fight in the elevator the other day. I won. I twisted his nipple.)

I am currently watching the show as Shay is at work for another long night. Sometimes, its nice having him at work. He doesn't groan when I want to watch this show (or any other TLC show, or Reba on Lifetime. I like that show too!).

Okay, that was my rambling thought for tonight. Off to bed!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

YAY! Lots of updates!

So I know most of you have been waiting for updates.... so here they are!!

1. Shay and I are still arguing about finding out the sex of the baby.
- I want to know
- Shay doesn't want to know.
- See the dilemma?
- Who do you think will cave first?

2. We registered at Babies r us on Sunday. it was EXHAUSTING! The registry isn't done, but hey, its a start.

3. Last night Shay and I felt the baby for the first time. It felt like little bubbles popping against my insides. It was not gas, I promise!

4. Today we got a package from my mom!!!! A LARGE box filled with diapers, bottles, teething rings, a bouncer, and toys for baby (NOT Shay). So much fun opening it!!

Funny story: My mom got us a little Pooh blanket that is a rattle... it was on the table one moment, and gone the next. It seems that someone with 4 legs (and rhymes with "Rocket") took it off the table. We found him giving it kisses and shaking the rattle under the table. We bribed him and got it back. It was actually really funny!

5. We have a list of names taped up to the wall in the dining room.... Still no definite decisions, but they are great names!

6. I have gained no weight yet, but have the stomach that looks like a melon. No idea what is going on with that!

7. BIG ULTRASOUND SCHEDULED FOR MAY 28, 2009 9:30AM. We can potentially find out the sex..... HELP ME convince Shay!

I will update more as things happen. I am so sorry for not updating as frequently as I said I would. I love you all for reading this!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

coming soon....

Calyn- I will update the blog tonight. I promise.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

14 week survey

I know, I am sucking royally on the Blog front. I have just had nothing really exciting to report the last few weeks. I will eventually add a belly picture as soon as I figure out if this bump is "fat" or "baby". I might be ready to post a picture next week. We will see.

In the mean time,

How far along? 14 Weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: Too scared to actually step on the scale - wimp, I know.
Maternity clothes? Definitely pants. I had to use a hair tie to hold my button closed on my regular jeans
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: I like to sleep on my right side. I had read that pregnant women should sleep only on their left side. This is crap. I sleep better (having stolen Shay's side of the bed) on my right side.
Best moment this week: Realizing when I walked into the house on Friday, that I didn't have to go to work for 2 more days!
Movement: None so far, but in my head I can picture the baby being a terrific trapeze artist.
Food cravings: pickles, Sprite, ice cream, and the other day Taco Bell.
Gender: I think girl. Shay thinks boy.
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out? In
What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach. Oh, the good ole days!
What I am looking forward to: May 30th - I will officially be half way through the pregnancy.
Weekly Wisdom: Your animals know that something is going on. The past two weeks Sprocket has come up to me and ever so gently rubbed his head back and forth across my stomach.. He knows.
Milestones: Bernedette at work was the first to rub my stomach - and the last. But I still love her!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Shake Your Groove Thang, Shake Your Groove Thang....

Ultrasound pics from today!

Baby's heartbeat - 145bpm.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Ultrasound from 3/4/9. Better late then never!

Basketball and Babies

I have MSU winning the tourney. Lets just hope that it happens so I can officially beat Shay in our competition!

So, ages ago, Shay and I picked out names that we would want to name our little bunny. We have always liked these names and it was pretty much decided on right away that if it was a girl, she would be called ____________ _________ Goldenberg, and if it was a boy, he would be called _________ __________ Goldenberg. I love both names. Shay is 100% committed to the girls name. However, two nights ago he tells me that he isn't committed to the boy name that we had (and loved).

I took this opportunity to state my case on why we originally loved the boy name to begin with. It didn't win him over. I then proceeded to list names that I loved that he hated. Here is where it got tricky... He is now considering all the names that I originally loved and he hated!!!! I thought I had mood swings!

Thank goodness we have 29 weeks to decide on a name - even though I think we are going to have a girl- so this whole conversation is a waste of time, but that's just me.

Other then the above mentioned wrench, things here are still pretty good. I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday - keep fingers crossed that we will be able to hear the heartbeat. I am constantly on Shay's case about scanning the ultrasound pictures from a MONTH AGO.

One day, i hope to go longer then 30 minutes without having to pee. I feel like I spend so much time in the bathroom. I have proceeded to bring books in there with me. What I really need is to call Mom and Dave and see if they can send me one of the 30 crossword puzzle books that mom got Dave for X-mas for passing the time away in the bathroom. That would be awesome. Right now, all I get is Sprocket head banging the door until he lets himself in and then he sniffs around. YAY!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Oh Chipotle.....

How you used to be so kind to my stomach. Not anymore. YOU SUCK!

Last night Shay and I decided to rent a movie and get Chipotle bowls. I thought that I might be able to handle it this time around. I had had it when I was around 5 weeks pregnant and got so queezy after eating it.

After not finding the movie we wanted to see, we threw Big Bang Theory Season 1 into the DVD player, and picnicked on the couch. All was well until about 5 minutes after I was finished. The fear of the stomach turning made me rush to bathroom floor with my EMU Sweatshirt blanket and lay there. All the while, Shay was sitting on the toilet above me (not the smartest place to sit) and Sprocket curled up next to my head.

I am such a wuss! I didn't get sick but I will NEVER eat Chipotle again while pregnant.

Otherwise, I have been feeling great. No bleeding, no cramps, nothing.

My amazing Auntie Cathy sent me this wonderful pregnancy journal. I have actually been looking everywhere for one that I liked and couldn't find one. The one she sent me had everything that I was looking for!

I am still harping on Shay to scan the ultrasound pics so I can put them up. I am also still harping on him to work on the damn wedding pictures. Boys!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I spent the weekend in bed

Yep, you read that right. I spent 90% of my weekend relaxing in my bed or on the couch. It was amazing to not have to get up and do ANYTHING! Did not cook, did not answer my phone (for almost 3 days now), did not have to wake up early to take out Sprocket. DID NOTHING

The highlight of the weekend....... Shay cleaned the whole house! Hands down best weekend ever!

I will be much happier when the first trimester is over. I miss having the energy to do stuff, but at the same time, I haven't been able to be lazy like this in forever.

Just thought I would share the lazyness!

Oh, and I feel a lot better. I prefer to not to talk about it anymore as it's now in the past. On to bigger and better things!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Let me start out by saying....

I am okay.

Shay and I decided to take a spur of the moment tour of our local ER last night. I had some heavy bleeding and completely freaked out.

They did blood work, an ultrasound, and a quick internal.

The blood work - I blacked out. Could hear everyone around me and talk to them, just felt like I was in a cave with blackness creeping in on the sides. They got me water and juice and I was fine.

The ultrasound- We saw the baby and the heart beating 136 times a minute. The doctor said that was good.

The quick internal- after waiting for the doctor for 5 hours and 25 minutes, he FINALLY decided to show up. Put some gloves on, felt that my cervix was closed and was done.

As of right now everyone and everything is fine. I have to take it easy for a few days and if the bleeding decides to rear its ugly head again, I am to call my OB immediately.

All in all the bleeding stopped less then 2 hours after it started. It was more of a cautionary thing to go to the ER. Probably cost us an arm and a leg but its better to be safe then sorry.

I will post some ultrasound pictures from my doctors appointment the day before when Shay gets them scanned into the computer.

Until then: Think good thoughts!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Heartburn SUCKS!

You know, I used to think that I only got heartburn when Grandma cooked matzah balls, or roast beef. During those times, Uncle Bryan and I would look at each other and share the Pepcid. It was a real family affair that happened at EVERY family dinner.

Last night I was proven wrong. Heartburn can strike at 4:23am. and with a vengeance! Holly Hell did it burn!!! Thinking back, I am trying to retrace my steps on what the hell I ate! It was the tacos (or the "white people" tacos as it was called at work yesterday. Apparently, the "white people"taco is a taco made with taco seasoning and hamburger meat... not the real tacos that you can get 15 minutes from here in Tijuana.).

I have a new found respect for people who deal with this burning/horrible feeling everyday, or more than once in a lifetime. I hope it doesn't come back. Tonight we are having Burger King because I can't stand the thought of eating anything else. However, I have just found out that McDonalds is now selling the Shamrock Shake- the most amazing shake on the planet! I wonder if I could keep it down???

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Holy Bloat Batman!

Holy Batman do I have bloat!

I am so ready to be able to semi fit into my jeans. Who, at 6 weeks pregnant, can't fit in their jeans!? It makes me so sad. Especially since I just bought them in December.

So far, the places that I cannot eat because they got me close to throwing up (a fear that I have- I would much rather cry and be miserable): Chipotle and Applebee's. Yuck.

For the most part, I have felt pretty good. Cramping is still going on but from everything I have read, its totally normal. Everything is shifting down there to make room for the tadpole.

We are getting closer to that wonderful doctors appt. I might call up there next Monday, just to double check what they are going to do and make sure that I need complete family history (that way I can be prepared).

Yay to be halfway through the first trimester and boooo to cramps/bloat/and general nausea!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When you hit the jackpot.......

WE ARE PREGNANT! - well, I am at least!

Typing those words makes me feel like doing pretend Lamaze breathing.

The story:

Monday February 9, 2009 I came home from work at my normal time. I sat down at the computer and went through my pattern; Yahoo email, Facebook, Myspace,, and then CNN. As I sat there I realized that I still had not gotten my dreaded period. After an hour of convincing myself I should take a pregnancy test, I finally did.

The result: "HOLY CRAP, IS THAT A LINE? No, its not a line. HOLY CRAP, ITS A LINE!"

I called Shay who was still at work and told him that I needed him to come home, NOW. He argued with me for a few minutes because he was going to be home in an hour and half for dinner. There was NO WAY that I was waiting that long. As Shay walked in the door I threw the pregnancy test in his face and yelled that he had hit the bulls eye! Needless to say, he had the biggest grin on his face and gave the best hug and kiss of our 7 year relationship so far!

We didn't get a chance to really celebrate since Shay was dealing with 3 project deliveries. On Valentines day (the first day we actually got to see each other for longer then 2 hours) we decided that we would tell our parents and siblings. ALL of our parents gave us the reactions that we were hoping for! It was the best Valentines day we could have asked for! We spent the evening dining at The Cheesecake Factory and talking all about baby.

This is going to be such an amazing journey! We are excited to be doing this for the very first time and we cant wait for the day we can tell the world. Our first doctors appointment is scheduled for March 4, 2009. Hopefully, an ultra-sound will be done and we will be able to see the heart beat.


Currently: 5 weeks 2 Days
EDD: October 18, 2009