Monday, May 18, 2009

Un Baby related

I would just like to say that I love the show Jon & Kate Plus 8.

I think that those kids are beautiful and are extremely lucky to have so many wonderful things within their grasp. I know that the lots of people cannot stand Kate. I think she is awesome. Granted, the way that she talks to Jon some of the time is a little bad, but what wife doesn't talk to her husband that way at times? - (side note: Shay and I got into a playful slap fight in the elevator the other day. I won. I twisted his nipple.)

I am currently watching the show as Shay is at work for another long night. Sometimes, its nice having him at work. He doesn't groan when I want to watch this show (or any other TLC show, or Reba on Lifetime. I like that show too!).

Okay, that was my rambling thought for tonight. Off to bed!!!

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