Thursday, May 14, 2009

YAY! Lots of updates!

So I know most of you have been waiting for updates.... so here they are!!

1. Shay and I are still arguing about finding out the sex of the baby.
- I want to know
- Shay doesn't want to know.
- See the dilemma?
- Who do you think will cave first?

2. We registered at Babies r us on Sunday. it was EXHAUSTING! The registry isn't done, but hey, its a start.

3. Last night Shay and I felt the baby for the first time. It felt like little bubbles popping against my insides. It was not gas, I promise!

4. Today we got a package from my mom!!!! A LARGE box filled with diapers, bottles, teething rings, a bouncer, and toys for baby (NOT Shay). So much fun opening it!!

Funny story: My mom got us a little Pooh blanket that is a rattle... it was on the table one moment, and gone the next. It seems that someone with 4 legs (and rhymes with "Rocket") took it off the table. We found him giving it kisses and shaking the rattle under the table. We bribed him and got it back. It was actually really funny!

5. We have a list of names taped up to the wall in the dining room.... Still no definite decisions, but they are great names!

6. I have gained no weight yet, but have the stomach that looks like a melon. No idea what is going on with that!

7. BIG ULTRASOUND SCHEDULED FOR MAY 28, 2009 9:30AM. We can potentially find out the sex..... HELP ME convince Shay!

I will update more as things happen. I am so sorry for not updating as frequently as I said I would. I love you all for reading this!

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  1. I have an ultrasound the SAME day! LOL
    We did not find out the sex of our first. It was a nice surprise when she was born. I remember asking the MD when she was born, "what is it??" and he kept saying your baby! LOL
    I was like NO a boy or girl. It was also fun for the family to have a pool. ALSO another plus is all your newborn baby stuff will be gender neutral, so you can use it with the second!!!!!!!!
    I hope that you two can make a decision =)
    glad to hear all is well in preggo land